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In the Team Collaboration Academy we show you how to make effective use of the Collaboration Cards. We give special emphasis to the following cards: Team Frameworks, Exercises, Metaphors and Checklists Cards. In addition, we will also demonstrate how to use the Acronym, Quote, Question, and Communication Cards in everyday team collaboration situations.

Great Frameworks:

We will show you and your team how to apply the frameworks to structure problems, identify key issues and develop solutions in a timely manner.

Great Exercises:

You will learn how to incorporate exercises in your day to day team work by first breaking the ice in a new team and second, by enhancing creativity and developing new ideas.

Great Metaphors:

We will introduce easy visual metaphors for your teamwork, which will make every team effort more efficient, fun and memorable.

Great Checklists:

You will be able to apply the checklists in your day to day work, for example to either plan, execute and close an efficient meeting, or to enhance your teams knowledge management.



Team Collaboration Academy


Collaboration Cards

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This course can be tailored to your team or your organization’s specific needs and constraints: Give us your specific team challenge and we will work with you with examples and tools that match your work environment and team challenges.

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