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des =mcm2 | Corporate Communication

The research of =mcm2 explores the transformative role of digital technologies in media, journalism, and corporate communications. We examine how digitization is reshaping the production, distribution, and consumption of information, and explore its broader implications for societal trends and organizational practices. Our study extends to the dynamics of emerging technologies such as AI, particularly their influence on individual and public perceptions. We also provide leadership training in digital technology integration, equipping executives and managers with the skills necessary to effectively navigate evolving digital environments.

Research Areas & Expertise

We study how digital technologies transform media, journalism, and corporate communications. Our research focuses on the changing dynamics of information production, distribution, and consumption, and the adaptation strategies for organizations.

Our team studies the broader impact of technological advances on societal trends and business operations. We provide insights into the reshaping of consumer behavior and organizational strategy, offering valuable guidance for companies in the new digital era.

Our research in this area explores how narratives in the media, politics, and business about emerging technologies shape public opinion and policy decisions, providing critical insights for informed decisions about technology adoption and regulation.

Research Projects of =mcm2