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Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Martin J. Eppler, the Chair for Communications Management (=mcm1) is concerned with the effects of digitalization on management, and in particular on the way that managers work, communication and innovate together.


As regards methodology, researchers at the chair work mainly with quasi-realistic experiments and to a lesser extent with case studies and surveys. In addition, a special feature and skill of the Chair is in the area of taxonomy and typology creation.

The central research paradigm of the Chair is the design science approach, which requires that researchers should not just investigate practically relevant problems but should also develop their own suggestions for solutions and then test and evaluate them rigorously (e.g., by means of appropriate experiments).

Research areas

We look at the empirical foundation of data fluency that refers to the ability to talk competently, clearly, and critically about data with others by having grasped the key concepts of analytics (including the statistical terms and procedures behind it) and knowing how to apply them in organizational settings. Here, we address to data specialists or people with a modest data literacy - to make sense of it and apply it to decisions at hand.

Knowledge management has long been an established area at =mcm. Core themes in this area are, for instance, project knowledge management and project learning, knowledge-based business management, knowledge work and knowledge process modelling.

The closely associated range of topics has to do with knowledge communication, mainly between specialists or experts and managers. In this subject area, we work on case studies for knowledge communication in different sectors (such as consulting services, high-tech, media) and management functions (HR, marketing, controlling). In addition, we develop methods for the targeted improvement of knowledge communication.

We examine the role of (collaborative) knowledge visualization and visual communication in management and further contexts (e.g., decision-making in higher education). Typical areas of application are, for instance, business model visualization, risk visualization, e-facilitation, and even virtual project worlds. The visualization spectrum that we examine ranges from simple ad-hoc outlines to immersive 3D worlds with avatars.

In this field we investigate, for instance, the suitability of different forms of representation to convey business strategies to the workforce and the influence of different cultural contexts on the impact of these forms of representation. A further research project deals with the barriers to strategy implementation.

We examine and apply design thinking as innovation method in combination with related approaches of positive psychology, behavioral economics, and knowledge visualization. To provide relevant stakeholder solutions in terms of perceived meaningfulness and performance, we integrate the individual, group, and organizational context.  


Courses offered by =mcm1 address the (research) topics we are interested in (e.g., Data Fluency, Knowledge Communication, Knowledge Visualization, Strategy Implementation, Life Design) and consider the development of student creativity as central learning objective.

The following overview provides information about the courses we are currently offering. They can be taken as electives.

Insights into current and past courses:

Executive Education

We organize courses and workshops around topics as Data Fluency, Knowledge Management and Communication, Knowledge Visualization, Strategy Implementation, and Life Design. 

We discuss your training needs and create a personal training package tailored to your needs. If you are interested, please contact us directly about the respective research area (chair) of your interest, or generally through our secretariat.

We look forward to you.

Insights into executive education and consulting:

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