On Digital Ageism and Beyond

On Digital Ageism and Beyond: How Older Adults unfold Ageing and Technology relations in France (Working Title)

Dissertation project in progress by Marie Poux-Berthe

Marie Poux-Berthe is a PhD Candidate in the Organization Studies and Cultural Theory Doctoral Programme in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of St. Gallen since September 2020. Her PhD research is concerned with the relations between visions and understandings of technologies and the western construction of old age and aging. With a specific focus on France, she has concentrated her efforts in 2022 in conducting interviews with older people about their relationship to and experience with digital technologies to later compare and analyse institutional, public and professional claims with these personal accounts. She presented parts of her findings and theoretical reflections at the Fifth International Socio-Gerontechnology Workshop in Utrecht, The Netherlands in September 2023.


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