Techno-colonialism, Caste and Health in India

Techno-colonialism, Caste and Health in India (Working Title)

Dissertation project in progress by Rahi Patra

Rahi Patra is a PhD candidate in the Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (DOK) programme within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Her PhD research focuses on the interplay between caste and technoscience in the propagation of techno-colonial practices towards Dalits in India. Through a feminist epistemological lens, Rahi’s research engages with the disciplinary fields of Critical Caste Studies (CCS) and Postcolonial STS. She is exploring the state of caste-based practices mediated through surveillance technologies by engaging with the lived experiences of Dalit communities and NGOs working on Dalit rights and empowerment. 


Rahi Patra

Doktorandin & Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin